Terms of Site

Terms of site

Thank you for visiting our the Dance Planner official website (“danceplanner.net“ hereinafter ”Website”). We are very pleased to be able to provide you with various information regarding the Dance Planner through this site, we would like to inform you of some legal restrictions and prohibitions.

You can use the information on this website for personal use or store it on the customer's computer. You can link from the customer's personal homepage or document to this server. However, this site is exclusively owned by the Dance Planners. Dance Planner put money, time and effort into developing this site.

These assets are not limited to information about copyright, trademark, or technology. The information assets owned by the Dance Planner are available in the form of text, pictures, voice, video, download files, links and source codes (hereinafter referred to as 'services and materials'). 

The Dance Planners own all rights to these services and materials. These services and materials were provided only for the convenience of the customers and customers of the Dance Planner. The Dance Planners do not grant customers intellectual property rights to the services and materials provided to them on this webite.

The Dance Planner does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or reliability of the services, materials, and other information on this website and other relevant sites. Therefore, do not rely on the information contained in this website as a decision-making reference, unless the Dance Planner specifically advises you in writing.

Services and materials were provided based on facts by the Dance Planners. And the Dance Planner disclaims any or all warranties expressed or implied, including unlimited warranty for the purpose of sale for services or materials or suitability for a particular purpose. The Dance Planner shall not be responsible for any direct, indirect, accidental, punitive or inevitable damages of any kind relating to the services and materials.

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