Through the MOU contract with Dance Planner Co. and 36 of dance companies in 14 countries, dancers and companies can connect easier and communicate on global stage.

Through the international collaborations  with

Dance Planner Co. and

36 of dance companies in 14 countries,

dancers and companies can connect easier and communicate on global stage.

The CEO of the Dance planner Co. directly meet with the global dance companies

and made appointments international cooperation with them.



Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet

Artistic director : André Lewis

Winnipeg - Canada

Ballet Nacional Sodre/Uruguay

Artistic director : Igor Yebra

Motevideo - Uruguay

Oklahoma City Ballet

Artistic director : Robert Mills 

Oklahoma City Ballet - USA



Het National Ballet

Artistic director : Ted Brandsen

Amsterdam - Netherlands

Dresden Semperoer Ballett

Artistic director : Aaron Watkin 

Dresden - German

The Leipziger Ballett

Artistic director : Mario Schröder 

Leipzig - Germany

Theater Dortmund

Artistic director : Xin Peng Wang

Dortmund - Germany

Thüringer Staatsballett 

Artistic director : Silvana Schröder 

Gera - Germany

Bremerhaven Ballett

Artistic director : Sergei Vanaev

Bremerhaven - Germany

Ballett Company Oldenburg

Artistic director : Jully Antoine

Ordenburg - Germany

Ballet of the Theater Capitole Toulose 

Artistic director : Kader Belarbi

Capitole - France

Ballet of Catalunya

Artistic director : Leo Sorribes

Terrasa - Spain

National Ballet of Portugal

Artistic director : Sofia Campos

Lisbon - Portugal

Croatian National Ballet in Rijeka

Artistic director : Masa Kolar

Rijeka - Croatia

Opera Wroclaw Ballet

Artistic director : Jacek Przybyłowicz

Wroclaw - Poland 

Ballet of J. K. Tyl Theatre

Artistic director : Jiri  Pokorny

Pilsen - Czech Republic

Balet of Teatr Wielki w Poznaniu

Artistic director : Robert Bondara

Poznan - Poland

Opera Krakow Ballet

Artistic director : Elena Korpusenko

Krakow - Poland

Latest partners

Gyor Ballet Company

Artistic director : Kiss János

Gyor - Hungary

Rotterdam Scapino Ballet

Artistic director : Ed Wubbe

Rotterdam - Netherlands

The Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company

Artistic director : Jacopo Godani

Frankfurt - Germany

Ballet National Brno

Artistic director : Mário Radačovský

Brno - Czech Republic

The National Moravian-Silesian Ballet

Artistic director : Lenka Dřímalová

Ostrava - Czech Republic

Polish National Ballet

Artistic director : Krzysztof Pastor

Warsaw - Poland

Budapest Dance Theatre

Artistic director : Béla Földi

Budapest - Hungary

The Hungarian National Ballet

Artistic director :  Tamas Solymosi

Budapest - Hungary

Delattre Dance Company

Artistic director :  Stephen Delattre

Mainz - Germany

Giessen Dance Company

Artistic director : Tarek Assam

Gissen - Germany

Ballet Theater Hagen

Artistic director : Marguerite Donlon

Hagen - Germany

Ballet of Moravian Theater Olomouc

Artistic director : Michal Štípa

Olomoc - Czech Republic

Divadlo F. X. Šaldy Liberec

Artistic director : Marika Mikanova

Liberec - Czech Republic

Croatian National Ballet in Split

Artistic director : Ilir Kerni

Split - Croatia

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