Educational Program

Audition Preparation Class

A curriculum built to prepare dancers for the dance academy/company auditions. Dancers will train under the guidance of skilled teachers who have danced abroad or danced lead roles. We are planning to invite ballet/contemporary teachers (directors, masters) abroad to provide high-quality training.

  • Classical Ballet / Pas de Deux 
  • Contemporary dance / Improvisation
  • Audition Repertoire / Audition Preparation

English Class for Dancers

A English Class that specializes in the field of dance. A curriculum focuses on the language skills needed for the dancers participating in auditions, rehearsals, workshops, e.t.c. Having a chance to discuss diverse topics on dance in English-such as culture and the system of companies abroad-will helps dancers have confidence in communicating with others in English and adjust to a new environment with an open mind.

  • Preparation for life in dance academies, summer intensives, dance companies
  • Interview preparation for company auditions/master’s degree

Mock Audition

An audition simulation that allows dancers to check their potential as a professional dancer. The mock audition provides insight to dancers on the possibility of joining dance companies and schools, before they leave for the auditions abroad. Dancers will be able to grow and prepare efficiently for the auditions based on the feedback they receive from current/former dance masters abroad.

  • Check one’s possibility of being accepted to companies or schools
  • Less financial burden for dancers preparing for the auditions abroad.
  • The feedback that analyzes dancers’ strengths and weaknesses

Career Development Program

We connect talented overseas dancers and global companies.

We handle the administrative tasks for companies.

With these training programs linking dancers and dance companies,

Companies will be able to find talented dancers from abroad, and dancers can also build international careers.

1. Long Term Training Program (Global Dance Internship)

half-season (5 months) trainee program that allows the dancers to gain hands-on experience by participating in the company’s rehearsals and performances, and learning the company’s repertoires with in-depth details. The dancers can develop a professional career as a member of the company, and have the opportunity to obtain a full-time contract with the company upon completion. (Employment decision is at the discretion of the company)


  • The Dance Planner handles the administrative tasks for overseas employment. - Visas and Insurance work
  • Dance Planner will provide a Dancer’s Support Fund to the company. The funds can be used as a salary for the dancer’s performance.
  • Dancers will be able to participate in performances, for this is a program that contains global experience and education for them.
  • Directors can offer contracts to outstanding dancers who have completed this program.

For more details (conditions, revenue, collaboration), Please contact us.

2. Short Term Training Program

A professional training program that provides dancers a chance to join the company as a trainee for a short period of time.

The program aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the company’s working environment, and a personal teaching under the guidance of the director and other members of the company to further improve the dancer’s individual competence.


  • Dancers will visit a dance company in partnership with Dance Planner (MOU) for a short period of time.
  • The dancers will sit in rehearsals and performances to understudy company repertoires, join in company classes, and receive personal teachings.

For more details (conditions, revenue, collaboration), Please contact us.

La Bayadère (C)Semperoper Dresden
La Bayadère (C)Semperoper Dresden
Rite of Spring | Made in China (C)Quorum Ballet
Rite of Spring | Made in China (C)Quorum Ballet

Audition Program

Dancers who were accepted to the companies through the Audition Management.
Dancers who were accepted to the companies through the Audition Management.

Audition Management

Dance Planner takes the burdens off dancers’ shoulders with the audition management service, allowing dancers to focus on the audition itself without stressing about the details.

The Audition Management offers a comprehensive solution for overseas dance company employment with resume guidance, accommodation, contract consultation, document translation, photo-shoot for profile and more.

  • Ballet School Auditions
  • Dance Company Auditions
  • Broad choices for audition in a set period of time.
  • Apply for selected companies in various countries.
  • Staying in best condition for auditions without worrying about accommodation, transportation and studio rentals.
  • All documents and procedures handled by Dance Planner (CV, Visa, Contract)
2022' Asia Dance Audition
2022' Asia Dance Audition

Asia Dance Audition

Asia Dance Audition(A.D.A) is a joint audition with the artistic directors invited from outstanding companies abroad. The event was created with the aim of providing skillful dancers in Asia a chance to dance in a broader world.

Ever since its first step in 2019, A.D.A has attracted numerous international dance companies. With five or more companies participating in the audition to select talented dancers each year, A.D.A was able to provide dancers opportunities to be employed overseas as professional dancers.

Global Agency

Dance Planner holds international dance events (e.g. competitions and auditions) every year in cooperation with the government agency and offers agency services for arts and cultural exchanges nationally and internationally.

2022' Korea International Contemporary Dance Competition
2022' Korea International Contemporary Dance Competition
2022' Korea International Contemporary Dance Competition and the Judges
2022' Korea International Contemporary Dance Competition and the Judges
Seoul International Dance Competition
Seoul International Dance Competition

International Partnership

Dance Planner and Partners (from left, Het National Ballet, Semperoper Ballett Dresden, National Ballet Brno)

Address: #411, Narakium A Bd., 40, Seolleung-ro 93-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (ZIP: 06148)  |  B/N: 896-87-01134  |  CEO. Dong-uk Kim

Collaboration Proposal (Global director):


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